Mature trees will create instant privacy in your garden, screening it from your neighbours without blocking the light or the full view.

Is your garden overlooked by neighbours or public roads? Are you considering solutions to regain privacy and block out their view?

Achieving garden privacy in a blank canvas garden or a newly built home can feel a bit daunting at first. Most homeowners’ first instinct may be to build a wall, put up a fence or an outdoor structure to screen out views from outside, which may even require planning permission and the delays that go with that.

At times, fences or built solutions won’t help as the issue comes from being overlooked by windows on the upper floors of neighbouring homes.

if you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, perhaps you could consider a more creative and environmentally friendly solution such as a natural screen of mature trees.

The main advantage of using mature trees is that you don’t need to wait years for them to grow and offer the much-desired screening. At The Plant Collector, we’ve done the job for you! Our showcase nursery has over 300 mature specimens in stock. With our 30-year experience in horticulture and garden design, we’ve curated a collection of mature trees and specimen plants that we know perform well in Irish weather conditions.

Planting mature trees will create instant privacy in your garden, screening it from your neighbours without blocking the light or the full view. The beauty of trees is that you have control over how much you want to block by choosing different kinds of specimen trees,  pruning them, spacing them out and combining them with multistems, hedging, shrubs or tall grasses. The possibilities are endless!

You can strategically place a tree to block the view into your garden from a specific window and not have to commit to blocking off your entire garden, offering the kind of flexibility a built solution rarely does!

You could also choose deciduous species, which will give you full coverage in summer when light levels are high and the garden is constantly in use, and more partial or structural coverage in winter when they lose their leaves, letting more light in through their branches.

You can also prune both deciduous and evergreen trees tightly or more loosely and thus achieving a thicker or thinner coverage.

Another advantage of trees is they are beneficial for the environment, offering shelter and feed for small wildlife, as well as cleaning the air.


If what you are looking for is a lower outdoor privacy screen or divider between your property and the street or your neighbor's garden, then mature hedging could be the solution for you. At The Plant Collector, we particularly love to use portuguese laurel (prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia') and Irish yew (Taxus baccata) in a lot of our luxury garden design projects. These two hedging plants are evergreen and will provide shelter and privacy year round.


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