With our large, mature specimens, a newly built home also can enjoy an immediately mature garden.

Building a new home is a project full of excitement. Garden design is a critical aspect of the project which, if well executed, creates an outdoor environment that connects with and completes the new home.



An Outlook Gardens project in Ireland’s midlands focused very much on bringing that connectedness to an exclusive, newly built property through a design with instant maturity in mind. Our award-winning garden designers created outdoor spaces for family activities and for entertaining guests. Additionally, the garden design embraced the surrounding, beautiful mountain views, creating a wonderfully relaxing dream garden.



The Solution

At the outset, we produced a comprehensive garden design and a detailed planting plan that would create an outdoor environment with year round interest and which would complement the new home.

The planting plan focused heavily on specimen plants and mature trees, carefully selected to give the garden instant maturity.




Our specimen plants


We also designed large, open, interconnecting footpaths with natural stone. Lighting for night-time dining or entertaining and secluded seating areas were also included. The property owners were enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with Irish nature.







The development is complete to a high standard. The building and its surrounding hard and soft landscaping elements, all combine to present a well-established and impressive property. The owners are delighted with their new garden which complements and completes their new home so very well.



For many homeowners, mature planting is unfamiliar. With the realisation that there are mature trees for sale in Ireland, which can be safely relocated to provide privacy and maturity, a whole new world opens up.

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