Large trees add instant impact and maturity to this old manor's garden while blocking the view in from neighbouring houses

Originally, this 200 year old manor in Dublin's south side was sitting on 6 acres of land. When the land was sold, 5 of those acres were dedicated to building townhouses, which overlooked the original manor's garden. The manor was restored to its original condition, and Outlook Gardens recreated a garden to complement the style of the old manor, similar to what a traditional garden would have looked like back then.

Boundary and privacy issues were solved by planting large, mature trees. These blocked the view of the neighbouring townhouses into the garden but did not obstruct the view outside from within the garden itself.


The best quality mature trees were sourced from European growers and transported and planted safely on site. A 200 hundred year old manor needed mature trees to match its age.




Our mature trees


The property was also in need of a redevelopment of the main entryway and front gardens. The original stone walls were respected and mature specimen trees, topiary and hedging were planted. The Outlook Gardens crew also reconstructed the courtyard to its original appearance and planted a beautiful, mature olive tree to match the cottage style of the walls.



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