Multi-stem trees & plants

Multi-stems are a versatile building block for the garden designer. These feature a single root system with multiple stems, combining attributes of both tree and shrub. Their often contorted branches give each individual plant a unique and interesting character.


Multi-stem trees have interesting branches and more foliage than standard trees, providing very good coverage. In fact, many overlooking and garden privacy issues can be resolved using multi-stems. They can also be used as stand alone, feature plants or in mixed borders. They are attractive and an excellent choice in the garden.

Multi-stems make a great focal point and can also create a wonderful woodland effect when planted in clusters.


Their multiple branches can create a 'see through' effect, which makes them the perfect specimen plant for solving privacy issues. They can be placed in front or near windows and doors and block the view in from neighbouring properties, but won't obstruct the view outside from within the room. We recently solved a backdoor privacy issue using an Osmanthus multi-stem specimen tree, which you can view in the link below. 


  Backdoor privacy case study


Whatever the size of your garden, multi-stems will add seasonal interest with blossom or autumn foliage. With their interesting branches and varying sizes you will also get height, shade and structure in your garden spaces.

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