Perennials are fundamental to any garden. These plants deliver colour year after year. Some varieties flower only briefly while others keep delivering for months. They can work well as ground cover and complement shrubs and trees.


Unlike annuals, perennials deliver each season. Their root systems provide soil structure and improve soil nutrients for the benefit of other plants. Many perennials retain their foliage, creating a soil protective cover. 

With the huge range of perennials it is possible to stagger the blooming in garden spaces giving your garden colour from early spring through to the onset of frost.

Perennials create a natural habitat for wildlife, and are an important source of food for birds and insects, especially for the endangered bees.


Careful planning and selection of perennial plants can provide a burst of colour through the seasons. A selection of hardy ground cover varieties will ensure a pleasant green and colourful covering which protects the soil and defends against weed issues.

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