Shaped Trees

Shaped trees fit into any garden design, providing ornamental interest, shade, or privacy screening. Clean lines and symmetry provide an excellent focal point in the garden.


Shaped trees add a creative statement to your garden. They can be clipped in many shapes and forms. They can add privacy screening or provide a pleasing focal point and feature in any garden space. The visual appeal of a controlled and tidy look enhances the property overall. A wide range of options are available to suit any space, whether evergreen, perennial or deciduous, a shaped tree will provide structure to a garden year round.

  Shaped trees in mature garden



The foliage and branches of Evergreen and perennial shrubs or trees can be clipped to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometrical or fancy, creating a sort of living sculpture in your garden. This horticultural practice is known as topiary, and is very common in many types of gardens. 

Our expert maintenance team at Outlook gardens can clip shurbs and trees to your desired shape and maintain them on your preferred schedule.


Deciduous and evergreen varieties offer you a wide range of choices. Some trees will offer seasonal colours, flowers or berries. Evergreen options will provide you with year-round green shelter.

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