Specimen and solitary plants

Specimen plants offer a unique focal point in the garden. Grown for exhibition and interest, these are often displayed from all angles, creating a central feature in a garden area. These plants are distinct show stoppers.


Each plant is handpicked and offers instant interest and maturity to your landscape. These unique specimens can be planted in a group or on their own, depending on the desired effect. The architectural presentation of a specimen plant or tree provides you with a focal point in the garden and will add character and interest to the area.


Specimen plants have unique features that provide interest and add character to your garden. It may be the contorted branches, the beautiful bark, the shape or colour of the leaves, the seasonal flowers and fruits, or the shape and size of the plant itself. We can source specimen plants with unique traits which will stand out between other planting or on their own, creating a striking view in your garden.

Small details like the number of branches per plant, the colour of the bark or the knots in the wood make each tree a unique specimen, different from any other of its kind.


Specimen plants can provide a changing colour scheme throughout the seasons as you choose between deciduous and evergreen varieties. It is worth considering that your large specimen and large hedging elements offer a haven for wildlife and some would also provide a natural food source to wildlife in the garden.

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