Garden makeover in a residential property

This newly built family home was finished with only a basic landscaping and planting effort. A planned new build next door started to raise privacy concerns for the owners. The property owners inputs and ideas were represented visually through a comprehensive design and mood boards.

concept plan garden design

To address the privacy concern, we sourced a selection of large specimen trees and plants from Europe to not only block out views of neighbouring properties but also to create an interesting space with character and confidence.

planting large trees

planting mature trees

planting big trees
The trees were delivered on escorted low loader truck trailers from Belgium, requiring specialist lifting equipment. Additional hard landscaping was also added for access through the new garden. Having found that the soil in the area was composed of a heavy marl clay and therefore had very poor drainage, we opted to replace it. Additionally, we installed a new high percolation lawn with a comprehensive drainage system that is pumped out into the main drainage.

Our tree collection

The result was an instantly mature, healthy garden full of specimen trees that looked like they had been there for years.
large mature garden mature garden
mature gardens
mature trees
front garden specimen trees
specimen plants
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